Gaïan Ethnobotany: an Ode to Beauty

Sunset at Mesa Verde

The Telos of this website about Gaïan Ethnobotany is primarily, and fundamentally, an Ode to Beauty. An Homage to Beauty, and to Organic Beauty – the Telluric Beauty of the Mother, the Beauty of Gaïa. It is a Telos for the Tellus, for the Mother, and for the Survival of the Peoples. There will not be any chances of survival without Homage to Beauty. We are failing as a species for want of Homage to Beauty. A very simple truth; just look around. Most of the human race has missed the point out, lately, 

Well in fact, it has been going on

for the past 2700 years

under a written form, at least, starting with the Deuteronomy:

the hatred of the “Green Trees” by the theocrats,

– whatever their creepy creeds –

who prefer the dead brown trees …  to burn all the Pagan libraries 

and, in fact, it is not a point, but rather a sphere: a Biosphere alive, pregnant with hundreds of millions of species.

“On the Way to Baja With Mother Kali” of the suite “The Struggle for the Earth”. Mushroom. 02/02/2000

As the Rainbow Dakinis of the living atmosphere – an “eternal morningshower of diamonds” to paraphrase the Grateful Dead – would express in their turbulent manifestations: the iPad syndrome has filtered out – phased out, faded out, and almost, orgasmed out – of the human psyche, the True and Authentic Organic Life. 

Fake is the norm, a normal enormity in the growing. 


from the Latin roots “de-capere”,

to take from, from the PIE root “kap”, to grasp

The Dakinis would also express that the human species is dying from/for paying for everything,

paying even for Love and Water

“Water of Love, deep in the ground but there ain’t no water here to be found”  

while not paying attention to Beauty, not paying homage to Beauty; not grasping the true holistic vision of the living planet because the psychopaths – in position of fake authority – have grasped out, of the human “vision”, the capacity to see, without filters, the true nature of Nature which is Organic and Orgasmic.

vision, visionary, wisdom, wit, wizard, witch, video, guide, guidance, Veda

all words and concepts stemming from the Proto-Indo-European roots “vid”,

“vidya”, for “wisdom” or “inspired knowledge”, and “weid” for “to see, to know”.

“Metamorphosis”. Mushroom. August 2003

The human species is dying like the in/human male terminator, in the movie Avatar, liberated from his own psychopathy by Neytiri’s two arrows: one arrow for the kill and one arrow as a retribution for not paying homage to the Mother. 

For the past few billions years, the Gaïan Beauty has perpetuated Herself through an everlasting planetary orgasm.  As Wilhelm Reich was advising the young human animals: take good care of your orgasms and you will see, then, if it is a real existential issue to vote for the pest or to vote for the cholera – or to vote for whatever guises the faked and rigged democracies (void of transparency, the foundation of clear vision) have adopted/adapted all over the world

to divide, deceit and dominate us, the Peoples,

I wish to dedicate this new website of Gaïan Ethnobotanical Homage – for the Survival of the Peoples – to three “guides” on my journeys at the Mother’s command, at the Mother’s pleasure, to discover her signs: the biologist Lynn Margulis, the ethnobotanist Michael Moorman and the herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner. 

« And the days of my life are but grains of sand

As they fall from your open hand

At the call of the wind’s command…

Many words are spoken when there’s nothing to say

They fall upon the ears of those who don’t know the way

To read between the lines, by following the signs

That can lead to you…»

“The Eagle will rise again”. Alan Parsons Project

“Tree Sitter”. Mushroom. November 2002

Lynn Margulis was the genius biologist who proved that the true foundation of Gaïan Life is Mutualism and not “survival of the fittest”, a psychopathic concept emerging from the pathological brains of the so-called Neo-Darwinians who are, in her own words, a kind of outdated religious sect. Lynn Margulis promoted the “Gaïa concept” with the brilliant James Lovelock (unfortunately, and not so brilliantly, who, before recovering the mind he had lost, was also the prophet of the planetary apocalypse induced by a non-existent anthropic global warming). Indeed, she revolutionized the concept of evolution and she did not even consider her ideas “controversial” but just plainly right. In the beautiful words of our friend and genius organic breeder Mushroom – who is playing with wild plants such as Lomatium in his seed production gardens in Corvallis, Oregon:  « She was a Gaian biological genius whose macro view from a micro perspective changed the way we understand life and the living planet that is our home. She was a champion of genomic cooperation in an era when evolution was dominated by the competitive selection viewpoint. She promoted cooperation as one of the major forces in evolutionary selection. Her books about the diversity of life continue to educate us about the complexity, wry uniqueness and sheer magnificence of our living planet. Her living planet perspective, Gaia, encourages us to grow out of our human egocentricity into a unified biology.»

Hypericum scouleri var. nortoniae

Daniel Moerman – through his giant ethnobotanical work – alerted me, twenty years ago, to the necessity of recovering the lost plant knowledge of the First Peoples. Since then, I have been obsessed with collecting both old and new books delving into ethnobotanical treasures – stemming from north-America and from all over the world. In our first seed catalogue of Terre de Semences, in 1994, I had already introduced a full collection of planetary medicinal plants such as Agastache, Tulsi, Spilanthes, etc. But I had to wait until 2007 to gather the time (old age helping because the youngsters are taking up the flame) to work again on the US western coast biodiversity while starting to spend seven full years to translate, into French, the complete written opus of the American Metahistorian, John Lash, still very active on his Metahistory and Gaiaspora websites.  

Stephen Harrod Buhner is the perfect illustration of the endosymbiogenesis concept highlighted by Lynn Margulis: an herbalist (one of the best) within a clown within a bard within a shaman within a symphonist playing a myriad of fertile Gaïan instruments of co-evolution… Stephen is a “gnostic cornucopia” nurtured by Almathea’s milk slightly soured by a few drachmas of witch herbs conferring the gift of arrogation – the privilege to question Authorities – and the impulse to partake, with our human companions, of the true knowledge (gnosis) destroying the veil of fakedness. 

I also dedicate this new ethnobotanical impulsion to my Shakti Sofy, an emanation of Sophia, the Feminine Wisdom, who teaches us that Maituna, in all aspects of Life, is the very foundation of the living Biosphere. Fusion, endosymbiogenesis and fertile chaotic emergence. With Sofy, and another friend, we have co-created the “Laboratory DEVA”, which we sold twenty five years ago, which was producing organically certified Bach Flower Remedies and other Flower Essences, a form of homeopathic/alchemical medicine I had studied, at the turn of the 1980’s, in Colorado and California and about which I have translated a number of books. We then created, in 1992, the “Jardin Botanique de la Mhotte”, a non-profit association, who, the first in Europe, developed a hugely diverse collection of open-pollinated and heirloom varieties of seeds which were produced, strictly organically, in our 45 acres farm; we were also the first to introduce, in 1993, dozens of varieties of grain amaranths and quinoas when, then, nobody had ever heard about gluten-free food. We then created “Terre de Semences”, an organic seed company (closed down in 1998 following violent attacks from the French Pesticided Seed Mafia allied with the French government). Together, in 1999, we created the non-profit Association Kokopelli, the European leader for the Freedom of Seeds and the Protection of Food Biodiversity. And finally, with our son Ananda, Association Kokopelli’s présent director, we produced “Titanic Apicole”. It is a 5 hours documentary DVD about the topic of The Colony Collapse Disorder of the Honey Bees and about industrial beekeeping (beekilling?) for fruit pollination of almonds, pears, apples, cranberry, etc, destroying the bee-hives, by the millions, thanks to the poisons released by Big Agro-Pharma, in the soils, in the waters, in the atmosphere. etc.

All during our life, with Sofy, we have been promoting an ecological approach to Medicine, Agronomy, Childbirth and Seed production as well as promoting the Public Domain and non-profit organizations, in the same way I have put on line, in full conviviality, the integrality of my translation of John Lash’s Metahistory – the equivalent of 15 books – which were peacefully translated in the Shasta/Siskiyou mountains of north California and south Oregon, where bears and wild lions abound among one of the most beautiful expression, on the west coast, of the Ericaceae Family, Manzanitas and Madrones.

Finally, I wish to thank OMNIA, the young Pagan musical band, because everyday they give me the stamina to dance on beautiful Earth Warriors songs. Thanks Jenny and Steve.

Because Dance is part of the Gaïan Orgasm. And perhaps the universe is nothing but a very elegant dance of  an infinity of atoms in mutual and permanent relationship without any causation.  A non linear and free flowing cosmic dance. Am I talking coyote? Perhaps, because, Kokopelli in Europe is one of our fertile off/springs to the Public Domain – a gift of Life to herself as the poet would say – and Kokopelli is also a Trickster playing the Flute for his Flower Friend, Xochipelli, another of our gifts to the Public Domain, a website dedicated to the most medicinal weed on this planet: Ganja – the most medicinal because it is very medicinal and thriving “planet-wise”, meaning from Alaska to Patagonia, from China to Scotland. Ganja is a beautiful and perfumed emanation of Wild Wisdom : she is a weed for the neurons to sing – in free flow. Ganja is wild food for our synaptic brain mycelium as it is for so many soil mycelia; a wild food to promote innovation, a small spark of wild consuming the inertia of the domesticated “believers”.

An innovation more than welcome at the planetary level – shall we even say  a “correction” ? – because as Mushroom says: «We are all ecological refugees».

«Mother, Mother, are you crying? Mother, Mother Life»

OMNIA. “Babu Bawu”

At terms, this present website is going to replace completely my old and outdated Oregon Flora which I can not work upon anymore, anyways, because of the antiquity of the software (15 years being an eternity in their world of fake reality) used to create my very old website Liberterre – and because the goals were different.

The Telos of this Gaïan Ethnobotany Project is to highlight the qualities of the Plants who may be on a co-evolution Epic with Homo for the Survival of the Tribes. An Epic of co-evolution for food, for medicine, for incense, for music, for dyes, for dreaming, for flying, for stalking, for rituals, for magic. And to portray these plants in all their virtual screen Beauty hoping to attract the Earth Warriors towards their authentic, true Organic and Orgasmic Beauty in the real world: GAÏA, the only planet we live on and who is us, also, very simply. 

Xochi. June 11 th, 2017.

The paintings are from Mushroom, aka Alan Kapuler, Ph(ippie)D in molecular biology who is proving, by his life, that you can be one of the best organic agronomist/breeders and a crazy picassesque painter and a gentle Kokopelli flute-player, also, sowing seeds of Seed, seeds of Color, seeds of Music and seeds of Consciousness in the human psyche as well as in the Gaïan humus.

Howling at the moon
Float on the breeze
What I respect… you just can’t see
I know, I know nothing
To be is to be
Shaman or Madman, it’s all Heyokay with me.

OMNIA. “Crazy Man”


“The Last Supper”. Mushroom.

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